Our Leadership

Moira Douglas, Director

I have worked in Child Development for over thirty years with more than twenty here at St. Andrew’s. In those years, we have built an incredible curriculum that has grown our preschool and allowed us to expand to daycare for infants.

Although I am our administrator, I am at heart a teacher and enjoy working with my staff to ensure that lesson plans cover many concepts. Children work and play and learn without realizing they are being taught. I encourage teachers to be creative with children as they all learn in different ways. We need to be “hands on” and let them experience sensory activities but use many different auditory, visual techniques as well. Much can be learned by watching and listening to the children as to how they learn!

I believe we never stop learning so I encourage my staff to continue in their education and I myself still enjoy workshops and conferences. I also believe we need to keep up with current techniques and meet the needs of the community and be open to new ideas and strategies. My newest project is an outdoor classroom where each class has their time to go and plant, water, use scales, magnets, pulleys and play in sand and water. It is a work in progress. I personally know each and every child that goes through school and have formed lasting friendships with families.

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Father Harold V. Reed, Headmaster and Priest-In-Charge

Dear friends of Christ,

Welcome to Saint Andrew's Episcopal Church and Day School! My name is Fr. Harold V. Reed and I am the Priest-In-Charge and Headmaster here at Saint Andrew's. I have recently joined our family in San Diego after serving for almost 25 years in the Diocese of Albany in New York.

I have been led to the Saint Andrew's family through the work of our Lord, Jesus Christ, and I look forward to sharing his love with each and every one of you as we grow our family in faith and numbers. We have a wonderful mix of traditional and family oriented services throughout the week along with a carefully orchestrated mix of small group bible studies and fellowship events designed to meet the spiritual needs for every member of our family. I would like to extend a warm welcome to you and your family to join us in worship at an upcoming service. I look forward to meeting you in person!

May God bless you always,

Fr. Harold+

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Pastor Ronnie, Administrative Pastor

Hello my name is Ronnie Short.  I serve as the Administrative Pastor of St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church and Day School. It is such a privilege to be able to serve you and your child through the Day School. One of the highlights of my week is our weekly chapel service where I get to share a Bible story with the children.  Their curiosity, energy and joy leave me energized for the rest of the day.

We at St. Andrew’s are truly blessed to partner with such a wonderful school that Moira and her staff have created for our community.  I hope to help facilitate their vision as we work together to make the Day School the best possible place for your children to grow in all aspects of their development. Please, don’t hesitate to contact me if I can answer any questions or be of assistance.

Pastor Ronnie

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