Health Policy


A Healthy Environment For Learning

A clean and germ free facility is always our TOP priority at Saint Andrew's Day School. The overall health of our students and staff is essential to keep illnesses from spreading in a school environment.

We know it is difficult for working parents, but we have to ask you to keep children home from school if they are showing signs of illness as not only will their resistance be lowered, but we risk spreading it to other students.

Please notify the school if your child is absent and particularly if he/she has a communicable disease. This includes, but not limited to, Strep and Pink Eye.

You Must Keep Your Child Home If

Your child has had a fever or vomited during previous 24 hours.
Your child is fussy, cranky and generally not feeling well.
Your child has a heavy or colored nasal or eye discharge.
Your child is not well enough to go outdoors to play.
Your child is placed on prescribed medications that require 24 hours to take effect.

Medications At Saint Andrew's


If it is necessary for a staff member to administer medication, the parent MUST sign the medication book located in the office. The Parent is to indicate the amount of medicine to be given, name of medicine, time to be given and sign the form. This is to be done each day medication is to be given. Medication must come in original bottle showing prescription. If over-the-counter medication needs to be administered; written directions must first be obtained from your childs doctor. When picking up your child, always check our medication log to see time it was given and staff signature for conformation. For a copy of our medication protocol, ask the office.
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Helpful Tips

Please have a backup person in mind, a family member or close friend, who can be available to take your child if you cannot leave work. Always make sure to keep your child's file up-to-date with phone numbers, emergency contact numbers, and other important information. In case of accidental injury, we will make an immediate attempt to contact the child’s parents using provided information, and if they are not available, we will follow the order requested by the parents on your Medical Release Form.

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