Special Events

Special Events at Saint Andrew's

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Halloween Festival

At the end of every October, we host the Saint Andrew's Day School Halloween Festival with fun costume contests, classroom activities and more. Costumes are not to include any masks that may obstruct your child's vision (Safety First!). We ask that they wear family friendly fun costumes appropriate for our overall Saint Andrew's Day School program.

Fall Open House

We open the Saint Andrew's Day School and all of our classrooms to the families of our students for our annual Fall Open House. This event is a wonderful way to meet the other families of the Day School as well as to participate in conversation with our teachers and leadership. The night is complete with food, games and live entertainment.

Thanksgiving Feast

Every November just we host the Saint Andrew's Day School Thanksgiving Feast where each classroom helps prepare a dish to share with the rest of the school. This program is designed to help the children experience in the gift of sharing their dish with others and in creating something bigger by working together as a team.

Christmas Pageant

Every December, the children of the Saint Andrew's Day School come together to present our Christmas Pageant and "The Christmas Story" which we perform in Saint Andrew's Episcopal Church. We follow up the Pageant with a reception in the Parish Hall for all of the children and families.

Spring Olympics

It is time to get those children outdoors to play with the Saint Andrew's Day School Spring Olympics. It is a fun day of outdoor activity where children participate in obstacle courses and more. The day is even complete with medals for all of our participants. Come and enjoy this social event with your children!

Graduation Day/End Of Year Festival

The Saint Andrew's Graduation and End Of Year Festival is a fun evening for all of our students and families. It is always sad to say goodbye to our graduates, but we know they will be ready for what comes next!  Come and enjoy the ceremony along with songs and dances from each of our classes!

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